•                         COURSE  DESCRIPTION



    LITERATURE:  English 10H includes a variety of literature.  The following selections will be included in this years class reading:


    -- short prose (fiction and non-fiction)   --Lord of the Flies

    --Hamlet                                                          --Of Mice and Men

    --Much Ado About Nothing                            --To Kill a Mockingbird

    --Inherit the Wind or Life of Pi                                               --poetry


    ***Additional literature will be covered, as time allows.



    WRITING:  English 10 encourages students to become more confident and skillful with a variety of forms.  They include:


    --personal writing                                 --subject writing

    --creative writing                                  --reflective writing

    --academic writing



    WRITING FOLDER:  The students will keep a writing folder in class.  Its purpose is to store exemplary works of writing which have undergone necessary revisions and which are of acceptable final draft quality.



    PRESENTATION:  Students will be asked to present certain projects to the class throughout the year.  Presentation allows the students to work on their speaking and listening skills, as well as recognize the adjustments necessary when moving from a written format to an oral one.



    RESEARCH:  English 10 students will complete 1-2 major research projects which will include various types of research, learning to feel comfortable with their topics through journal writing and class discussion, proper documentation, drafting, crafting, editing, and presentation.



    EVALUATION:  This class will take the 11th grade English Comprehensive Exam in June.