• Are you ready to take the permit exam?
    If so, Student Support Services can assist you.
    The lines at the DMV can be long and tiresome; you can now take the permit exam at Akron High School and save time at the DMV.
    It's simple - make an appointment with Mrs. Jones in Student Support Services for the exam.  Once you have passed the exam, take your documentation to the DMV along with the other NECESSARY paperwork and apply for your permit.
    Graduated License Program

    Effective September 1, 2003

    Law pertains to all permit holders, regardless of age. 

    Stage One Learners Permit stage

    •      Supervising driver of permit holder must be 21 years old, regardless of the age of the permit holder
    •        No one other than the supervising driver can be in the front seat with the permit holder
    •        Permit holder may still schedule road test at time of receiving permit-but must be able to submit proof of at least 20 hours of driving experience at time of road test 

    Stage Two Limited Junior License stage (LDJ)

    •        Applies to 16 & 17 year olds that have passed road test when having permit for less than 6 months
    •        DJ license will be mailed at end of six month period from when permit was obtained.
    •        May not receive DJ (regular junior license), but will receive a limited junior drivers license.


    1.   The driver may not operate unsupervised.  There are some exceptions: unsupervised operation to/from school, work, dr.s appt.

    2. Every person in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.

    3. The supervising driver must be 21 years old or more.

    4. With limited exceptions, there can be no more than two passengers under 21 years old in he vehicle unless they are immediate family members.  (This is not applicable if the supervising driver is the parent).

    5. During supervised driving, no one other than the driver may be in the front seat.

    6. There are enhanced suspension periods for V & T violations.