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    The Akron Central School physical education department strives to provide each student with an enjoyable education experience that is a viable and essential component in the education of the whole child. Upon graduation from Akron Central, students will have successfully completed a program in physical education as demonstrated by their achievement of the three basic competences domains: psychomotor (movement), cognitive (knowledge), and affective (attitude/social). Students should know and understand the value and benefits of exercise and physical activity along with its relationship to maintaining good health.

    Students shall be taught in a sequential manner that begins with simple motor skills, proceeding to the development of body awareness, coordination, and agility; to the development of strength, speed, endurance, and a capability to perform more complex motor skills needed to perform physical activity and lifelong skills. The main focus of this program is directed to the development of each students individual potential.

    Our main goal is that each student will graduate from Akron Central a physically educated person: a. HAS learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, b. IS physically fit., c. DOES participate regularly in physical activity, d. KNOWS the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities, e. VALUES physical activity and its contributions to a health lifestyle.