• Please take time to go over the following transportation safety procedures with your child.bus1


    Safety Rules  

    1. Students are to be waiting at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.
    2. Students should wait at least 15 feet from the road.
    3. Students should not approach the bus until the driver signals to them.
    4. Students are to follow the Safely Crossing procedures (see below) when boarding and departing the bus.
    5. Students must always stay seated while the bus is in motion.
    6. Backpacks should be placed on the students lap or on the floor near the student.
    7. No eating or drinking on the bus.
    8. Talk quietly and keep your hands to yourself.
    9. Stay seated until the bus stops.

    bus 3

    Crossing Safely

    Boarding the bus in the morning.


    1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.
    2. Wait at least 15 feet from the road until the driver signals you to cross.
    3. Stop and look both ways before stepping into the road.
    4. Cross 10 feet in front of the bus.
    5. Take your assigned seat as soon as you get on the bus.

    Departing the bus on the way homebus 2

    1. Stay seated until the bus stops.
    2. Look both ways before stepping out of the bus.
    3. Walk 10 steps in front of the bus.
    4. Wait for your drivers signal to cross.
    5. Stop and look both ways before you step into the oncoming lane of traffic.
    6. If the driver sounds the horn, stop and go back where you came from.
    7. Go immediately up your driveway.  Do not stop to get the mail or garbage cans.

    Parents Responsibilities  

    1. Make sure your children know and follow the Safety Rules.
    2. Until your child knows how to cross and board the bus safely, walk through it with them.
    3. Do not distract your child when they should be watching their driver for directions.
    4. A parent or guardian of students in grades Pre-K through 2nd Grade should be waiting and make themselves visible to the school bus driver when the child arrives home.  If no one is present, your child will be brought back to the elementary office.
    5. Keep pre-school siblings well away from the road.
    6. Children should wear bright color clothing, excluding yellow, in order to make themselves visible.
    7. Loose articles of clothing, especially drawstrings should be avoided.
    8.   If a child is going to a different address after school on a given day, a written letter should be given to the teacher with the address of where the child will be getting off.  Avoid notes that cover more than one day.
    9. Make sure your child knows and recognizes their bus numbers.

    bus 4Discipline On The School Bus  

    1. If a problem arises with your child on the bus, feel free to discuss it with the driver.
    2. If your child receives a bus conduct report, the incident will be investigated by the Assistant Principal and will be discussed with your child.  You will receive a copy of the report.  Progressive discipline will be used with repeat offenders.
    Please help us make your childs bus ride a safe and enjoyable part of their education at Akron Central.  Please take the time to reinforce these procedures with your children.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Mark Alexander (Director of Transportation) or Mrs. Kathy Greiner (Head Bus Driver) at (716)542-5026.