• Reading at Home
    What are the expectations? 
    Your child is expected to read for 20-30 minutes daily and complete his/her reading log with a parent signature.  Typically this is the first thing to "go" when students have a lot of homework which is why I do not assign homework frequently.  To me your child reading at home is the most valuable thing they can do to help them be a successful reader and writer.  
    How do I know if my child is reading a book that is "just right" for them?
    Interest plays a huge role in determining a child's ability to read and comprehend a text. However, the five finger rule, explained below is a great tool!
    1.  Open your book to any page
    2.  Read the words on the page
    3.  Count the number of words you don't know on that page (the child must be able to read them AND understand their meaning)
    4.  Now use the rules below to determine if a book is "too easy", "just right" or "too hard"
    1 word= okay
    2 words= still a good choice
    3 words= you may need help reading this
    4 words= tough to read
    5 words=  try a different book