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MS Tiger Tracks Newsletter - February 2023

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  • 6th grade students from Mrs. Guyton's and Mrs. Hooper's classes used their knowledge of ratios and proportions to adjust a recipe to make cloud dough, a play-doh-like substance.  Students were given a recipe for one batch of cloud dough that makes 4 (non-edible) portions. They needed to determine how many batches were required for 82 students (the approximate number of current 6th graders) and convert the recipe.  Once the math segment of the activity was done, the students then had to create the recipe:  1 cup of hair conditioner to 2 cups of corn starch. The problem? Their teachers only had 1/4 and 1/3 measuring cups! Subsequently, the students had to determine how many 1/4 cups are in the one cup of hair conditioner and how many 1/3 cups are in 2 cups of corn starch.  Each group made their own batch of cloud dough and were able to take it home!