Resource Room is a supportive class that will focus on tasks and skills that need reinforcement in specific content areas.

     Resource Room is not a study hall!!

     Students are expected to complete homework at home!!

    Specific skills and tasks will be reviewed as needed in resource room.


     Types of Resource Room Activities:


    ·                Pre and/or re-teaching of skills/concepts presented in classes

    ·                Additional explanations/directions for assignments presented in classes

    ·                Time to ask questions concerning academic vocabulary or assignments

    ·                Textbook reading/discussion

    ·                Studying for tests; development of test taking strategies 

    ·                Study Skills Strategies 

              ·                Time management skills/ Prioritizing

    ·                Organizational assistance (notebooks, locker, backpack) 

    ·                Remediation of basic skills in reading, writing, or math 


    Materials Needed Every Day:


    ·        Pencil/pen

    ·        Paper

    ·        Notebooks/Folders with assignments

    ·        Student Agenda filled out with assignments and any projects or studying that need to be completed


    Classroom Behavior:

    ·      Act Responsibly/ Maintain Safety/Show Respect