• Traversa Ride 360™ App Guide 

    The Traversa Ride 360™ web and mobile app for Apple® and Android® devices allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop location, route, pick up times and drop off times. Ride 360 is connected to the GPS units on our buses to provide real-time data and updates. Follow the steps below to register and link to your child’s information. 

    Creating your account:

    • Download the “Traversa Ride 360” app from iTunes or Google Play Store
    • Launch the app
    • The first step is searching for the school district
      • Enter Akron Central School - NYS
    • The login screen should appear next
      • Tap Register to create your account
      • Enter your email address (this will be your Username)
      • Create a Password
      • Enter the password again to confirm it is correct
      • Enter your First Name
      • Enter your Last Name
      • Tap Submit
    • After completing the steps above you will receive a confirmation email from Traversa
      • Click the link in the email to complete the registration process.Connecting your children:
    • Launch the app
    • Login using the Username and Password you created
    • Select My Students
      • Tap the + in the upper right corner
      • Enter your child’s Student Number (7 digit number - can be found in the Parent Portal or on a report card)
      • Enter your child’s Grade (Enter 0 for kindergarten)
      • Tap Find Student
      • If the information matches the student will appear and you can tap Link
      • If the student does not appear contact the Transportation Office
      • Tap Find Another to link additional children or tap Done


    Please contact the Transportation Office at (716) 542-5026 if you need assistance or have questions. If you need assistance accessing the Parent Portal please contact the Technology Office at (716) 542-5045.