• March 16-20
    Stay healthy and I miss you:)
    1. Read your March book and Take your AR test at home
    2. Find another book to read in your house when you finish for April.
    3. Check Schoology for assignments posted. There will be short reading passages that are recorded for you along with questions you should answer. 
    3.  Go to Freckle.com daily and complete 10 questions each day (you can choose fiction or nonfiction)  Even if you already got to level 10 it is GREAT to continue going. 
    4. Another great resource for us this week is NEWSELA.com (everything is free for us)
     Choose an article of your choice (at your lexile) and answer the 4 questions.
    5. If you have a spiral notebook or journal at home, please keep a daily journal.
     How are you feeling?  How are you keeping busy?  You don't need to write for more than 10 minutes in this journal.