Tiger Athletic Philosophy

  • Our athletic program is built on Tiger pride, commitment, performance in athletics and academics, sportsmanship and safety. We adhere to an "Educational Athletics" philosophy in the Akron Central School District. It is the primary objective of our interscholastic athletic program to use athletics as a unique educational vehicle which fosters physical, mental, social, and emotional growth among those who participate.

    We recognize and appreciate the character building values of athletic participation. Growth in commitment, responsibility, knowledge, work ethic, life skills and leadership are traits that align directly with the District's Mission. The success of our program is largely based upon the ability of each student athlete to gain a positive and valuable experience which will transform their leadership capabilities as they transition into their next life challenge.

    The Athletic Department wants to help promote student experiences as they develop their unique human potential which positively contributes to society. Striving to win is important but is secondary to the development of education and character development.