AMPA, Inc. History
    AMPA LogoOver the years, as the band program has grown, parents of ACS musicians joined together to volunteer for fundraising, concerts, field trips, competitions and other events.  Originally, they called themselves the Akron Band Parents and over time, talked of incorporating and becoming a tax exempt organization.  In March 2008, the Akron Music Parents Association, Inc. was formed to support not only band members, but orchestra and chorus members, too.  AMPA, Inc. is now a 501C3 public charity with all donations being tax deductible.

         AMPA, Inc. helps with many events throughout the school year including:
    • Providing table and chair rentals, ticket sales, refreshments, decorations, senior and 8th grade recognition, a basket auction and help with set-up and tear down for the Cabaret Concert
    • Volunteer/chaperone support on trips
    • Organizing and running the NYSSMA Festival including arranging homestays, ticket sales, refreshments, hospitality rooms, flower sale, student meals, and the sale of NYSSMA t-shirts
    • Help with the annual Save Around Buffalo Books, Chocolate, Fruit and other sales
    The organization also adds the profits from the Coke drink machine located by the band room to their general fund which provides financial support for band functions or the purchase of equipment, including a donation toward the annual band and/or orchestra trip and the purchase of the CHARMS music software.
    The Akron Music Parents Association, Inc. encourages all parents of band, chorus or orchestra members to help support their child's efforts as a musician by actively volunteering for AMPA functions.