• Daily Reporter

    by Length:
     Each stucent takes a turn
    Unpacking the day
    Digital photos
    Writes an outline of daily classroome vetns
    Highlight curricular work, special events
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  • Intro to creating a Schoolwires Podcast pages

    by Length:

    The Podcast page type allows you to post your audio files in such a way that your audience can easily subscribe to your podcast and receive updates automatically.

    The software we have installed on our computers for recording Podcasts is called Audacity.  For a tutorial on using Audacity, visit http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/tutorials

    You will need to record and save your audio file in .mp3 or .wma format before uploading to your podcast page.

    For detailed information on the Podcast page type, see the Podcast User Guide.

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  • News show or daily announcements.

    by Length:

    You can assign different short stories or topics to students.  Select students to be the host or anchor and let the fun begin.  This is great example of a group of students putting together a news type show.

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  • Podcast Drama

    by Katie Morrow's class from O'Neill Elementary in Nebraska Length:

    Create a drama like an old time radio show, spoof on a movie like Gone With the Wind, or just have fun putting together a play about a topic.

    This example has a group of students doing a court drama about the  Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska.

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  • Poetry Slam

    by Length:

    assign students a day each month
    look for historical events on their date
    research context, events, and implications
    be able to explain, not just read
    it is more than just students “telling the facts,” you can always tell when someone is doing that

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  • Retell a story

    by Length:

    A Podcast is a great medium for students to retell a story.  This example is a group of students doing Hamlet.

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  • Sound Seeing Tours

    by East Vincint Summer School Students Length: 0:07:06

    Aural field trips
    Describing movement through space
    Personal reactions and observations
    Enhanced podcast with pictures
    Museums, habitats, your school, historical sites, documenting events
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  • Sound Stories

    by Length:

    Language with music and sound.  Students can collaborate and produce a series together.


    In this example:

    WHMS Radio - 5th Grade Fractured Fairytales

    "That's not the way it happened! I'll tell you the real story..." Children have wonderful imaginations and a built-in desire to set the record straight. Fifth grade students had the opportunity to do just that as they rewrote fairy tales from the perspective of different characters. Working in groups, they learned individual and group responsibility while writing highly creative stories, some which will have you roaring with laughter. Students published their stories on a blog (www.e-holland.us.students) and created podcasts about fractured fairytales. For more information about this project, please visit the webquest at www.teacherweb.com/ny/holland/pointofviewwebquest.

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  • Spelling Bee!

    by Mrs. Chervanka's Spelling Class Length:

    Publish your weekly spelling list as a podcast (spoken, spelled, used in a sentence)

    Great for practice - pause, rewind, repeat...


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  • Student Almanac

    by Mr. Berger's Science Class Length: 0:44

    Students pick a day in a given month and create a listing of facts about that date. They could include famous birthdays, historical events, weather observations, etc. Episodes can be recorded ahead of time and then posted on the proper date.

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  • Students show what they know.

    by Length:

    Students can use a combination of media to create a project that demonstrates their knowledge about a given topic.  The attached file is a great demo of younger students teaching about shapes.

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  • Study guides and review sessions

    by Ralph Greco - Whitesboro High School Length:

    Podcasts can be used to create study guides or review sessions that students can listen to on their own time. 

    In the attached example an Earth Science teacher has created a quiz review podcast for his students.

    The attached example is from a Biology teacher who has created a Podcast to give students strategies and tips on attaching sample Regents questions that will help them review for the test.

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  • Today in History

    by Length:

    You might assign students a day each month and ask them to research historical events on their date.
    They can research context, events, and implications and then they use the Podcast to explain, not just read, about their events.

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  • Use a Music Genre to make a Podcast fun!

    by Length:

    This sample is a rap about 'Marvelous Matter'.  Very cute!

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  • Use a podcast as an assessment tool.

    by Mr. Swanson's Class Length:

    Follow-up on field trips or other important topics where you want students to demonstrate knowledge. 

    In this attached example the students wrote star stories as a follow-up to a field trip to the planetarium.  This is a video podcast.

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  • Using Podcasts as process streams.

    by Dr. Dr. Carlson's Science Theater Length:

    Podcasts can be used to:

    • Show procedures
    • Demonstrate mathematical processes
    • Show science labs
    • Review classroom procedures

    In this sample Dr. Carlson domonstrates the Bernoullie Effect in a video podcast.

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