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    1. Open the Schoolwires editor and edit the desired page.
    2. Place the cursor where you want to anchor to be placed (i.e. the spot you want to "jump to").
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    4. Enter a one-word name for the anchor (top, bottom, paragraph4, or whatever).
    You now have an anchor to which you can link.
    To create the link to the bookmark you created in the steps above:
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    6. Highlight the text, and click on the Insert Link tool (5th icon from the left on the second row).
    7. Select option 4: Insert a link to a bookmark in this page... and click Next.
    8. Enterthe name of the anchor you created in step 4 above and click Next.
    9. Click Insert Link.
    You now have a link that allows you to jump to another location on the page.

    *****  Example:  Click one the course links in the table below to jump down the page to the reqested course description:
    Business Department Curriculum Offerings


    ACCOUNTING  (full year course 1.0 credit) (Grades 10-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  Accounting gives students a basic understanding of the ways in which a business uses and catalogs all of its financial information.  Students learn how to prepare and analyze financial statements and how to record the changes that affect the business financially.  About 2 ½ to 3 weeks during the first semester and about 3 weeks during the second semester are devoted to projects that put to use all of the acquired skills.  These skills include completing the entire accounting cycle and being able to analyze and interpret the financial statements that result. 


    BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS  (semester course - .5 credit) (Grades 9-12)                                                                       

    Prerequisite:  Keyboarding

    DESCRIPTION:  This is a one-semester computer course designed to improve the student's language and communication skills. 

    Units studied will include grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and usage.  Students will also be able to improve their keyboarding skills.  Business Communications counts as the fifth unit in a five-unit sequence in English.


    BUSINESS LAW (full year courses 1.0 credit) (Grades 11-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  Business Law is the study of law as it relates to society, the individual, the consumer, and business.

    Topics covered include criminal and civil law, contract law, credit, employment, property law, and insurance.

    This is a good course for all students who want to learn more about the laws that will affect their everyday life.  Business Law counts as the fifth unit in a five-unit sequence in social studies.


    CAREER AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMEMENT I & II (semester 1 or full year course - .5 or 1.0 credit) (Grades 9-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  Part A of the Career and Financial Management requirement has been developed to replace the Introduction to Occupations course.  Part B can be met by a student taking one-half unit of any career and technical education curriculum that either introduces students to a cluster of occupations or develops skills appropriate for a cluster of occupations. 




    Will provide students with the opportunities to learn about the features of our economy, explore a variety of careers, learn the skills and competencies needed for success in the workplace, and to begin to become financially literate.



    • Will introduce students to a cluster of occupations and help them develop skills appropriate for an occupation.
    • Self-assessment will cover the topics of the changing workplace, decision-making process, and lifestyle goals.
    • Career exploration will involve researching careers, entrepreneurship, and developing an individual career plan.
    • Professional development will cover interpersonal relationships at work, teamwork and leadership, professional communication skills, thinking skills on the job, technology in the workplace, and time and information management.


    COLLEGE NOTETAKING (semester course - .5 credit) (Grades 11-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  College Notetaking is a one-semester course designed to develop effective notetaking and study skills.  Students learn Speedwriting, an alphabetic shorthand system, which will allow them to take notes approximately three times faster than they can in longhand.

    This skill can be used for taking notes in college as well as in a wide range of careers.


    COMPUTER AWARENESS(semester course - .5 credit) (Grades 9-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  Computer Awareness is designed to give students skills in using the most common computer application software.  Students will become familiar with Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), PowerPoint (presentation), FrontPage (web page design), and Access (database).  A hands-on approach is used in learning all applications.



    KEYBOARDING (semester course .5 credit) (Grades 9-12)

    DESCRIPTION:  Keyboarding is a one-semester course designed to develop alphabetic and numeric keyboarding skills.  Students are also introduced to the Microsoft Word word-processing program while learning to key letters, reports, and tables.

    This course is strongly recommended for all students.



    PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING(full year course 1.0 credit) (Grades 11-12 , Underclassmen w/prerequisite)

    PREREQUISITE:  Underclassmen may take this course after successful completion of Career & Financial Management

    DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to understand the role of marketing to an organization and how it effects competition in a global economy.  Students will be able to identify, analyze, and explain the role of each of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place).  Students will be able to identify, analyze and explain uncontrollable environments that can affect marketing managers decisions.  Students will be able to define what marketing research is and the 5 steps to the process of product development.  Lastly, students will be able to identify different career opportunities that are available to individuals that want to work in a Business environment.  To meet these objectives the students will be responsible for the management of the school store, participate in the New York State DECA program, and create a professional portfolio that can be used for job and scholarship interviews.


    STUDY SKILLS(semester course - .5 credit) (Grade 9)

    DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to help high school freshmen improve and develop skills that they will apply to their course work at all levels of the educational careers.  These skills will also be important for their success in any career choice they make.  The goal of the course is to give students the opportunity to explore a variety of methodologies of studying, analyzing what works best for their individual needs and applying it to their course work so that they can meet all the challenges that will come in the future.


    LEADERSHIP SKILLS(semester course - .5 credit) (Grades 11-12) *PROPOSED ELECTIVE*

    DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to expose students to the specific concepts of leadership, the process of observation, analysis and finally practice, with the ultimate goal of gaining skills in his area.  Students will study various aspects of leadership development and then have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in class using a variety of professional training devices (supplied by Dr. James Kane, PhD).  This course is designed to develop and enrich upon the ability within each student to become responsible, possess initiative, demonstrate resourcefulness and to be able to work well with others.  These experiences will contribute significantly to the students success in school and the workplace.


    SENIOR SEMINAR(semester course - .5 credit) (Grade 12) *PROPOSED ELECTIVE*

    DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed for senior high school students to prepare for the college or work responsibilities he/she will encounter upon graduation.  Content will include:  the process of change, goal setting and achievement of intended goals, time management, financial planning, resume writing, college applications, and development of a professional portfolio using Business Educational Employability Portfolio.  These experiences will contribute significantly to the students success in school, college and the work place.


    SPORTS MANAGEMENT (semester course - .5 credit) (Grades 9-12 ) *PROPOSED ELECTIVE*

    DESCRIPTION:  This .5 unit course is designed for high school students a window into one of the newest sectors of business careers.  The course looks at the field of management through the use of sports and event management.  The emphasis is on the principles of management.  Students will look at the unique venues associated with sports and special events.  Content will concentrate on the history of management/leadership, School/Intercollegiate Athletics, Professional Sports, Sports Marketing, Facilities Planning, Accounting and Finance in Sport, Sports Agents, Ethics in Sports and Emerging Issues in Sports.  Materials will be supported from textbooks, newspapers, and guest speakers.