• Your Child Refuses To Do Homework

    Your Child:



    1.     Talk to your child.  Explain both the positive consequences and negative consequences of not doing homework.


    2.     Write a contract with your child that reinforces and provides incentives for completing homework.


    3.     Allow your child to experience the natural consequences of not completing his/her homework (poor grades, homework detention, loss of privileges)


    4.     If other children are present in the home, reward them for doing their homework.


    5.     Be consistent with expecting your child to complete his/her homework.


    6.     Along with a directive, provide an incentive statement When you have finished your homework, you may play outside for an hour.


    7.     If your child is very defiant, you may have to begin incentives and contracting one subject at a time and build upon successes.


    8.     Provide adequate supervision for your child to complete homework.  Parents may need to provide more intense/frequent supervision than typically needed.


    9.     If this is a new behavior, try to assess the reason for this change. 


    10. If you have tried interventions with no success, do not be           

         afraid to contact professionals at or outside of your child's school.