• Your Child:

     Starts His/Her Homework but
    Doesn't Finish It


    1.     Establish clear homework rules or expectations and discuss these with your child (e.g., start homework when you get home from school, finish homework before play, etc.).


    2.     Make sure your child has an identified study area.  Reduce distractions in your child's study area.  Make sure your child has all of the needed supplies to complete his/her assignments.


    3.     Allow natural consequences to occur due to your child's failure to complete homework during homework time (e.g., having to do homework during playtime, having to get up early, poor grade, etc.).


    4.     Have your child put a checkmark or X next to each completed assignment.  Allow your child to earn some sort of incentive/reward for each completed assignment.


    5.     Check over your child's homework when he/she is finished to make sure that all assignments are completed.


    6.     Discuss with your child the importance of completing a task once started.


    7.     Write a contract with your child that reinforces and provides incentives for completing homework.


    8.     Allow your child and a classmate to do homework together.


    9.     Provide positive feedback to your child when he/she demonstrates the behavior that you want.