Qualifications for Reading Services


    Students receive explicit remedial reading instruction based upon:


    • Standardized testing results (AIMSWEB, State Tests, STAR Reading Testing)
    • Informal testing results (Reading Inventory, Phonics Assessments, A-Z Leveling)
    • Classroom Performance/ Teacher Recommendation

    After it has been determined that a student qualifies for services, the parent/guardian of the student will receive a notification letter.  This letter will indicate which reading specialist the student will be working with as well as the frequency of services.  These students will work with the reading specialist 3-6 times over a six-day cycle.  We may, at times, be present in the child's classroom, providing support, or, we may pull your child out to work in the Reading Room in a small group setting.  The child's progress will be continually reassessed.  Reading Reports are available on the Parent Portal at the end of each trimester.