• Vowels

    Knowing the different sounds of vowels and the various vowel rules is necessary for decoding unfamiliar words.

    Vowel Sounds

    Vowel Short Sound Examples Long Sound Examples


    apple, can

    ate, cake, pain


    egg, bed

    Pete, sheep, neat


    igloo, pin

    ice, bike, fight


    octopus, hot

    rose, go, open, boat


    umbrella, cup

    cute, unicorn, fruit

    Vowel Rules

    • "One lonely vowel squished in the middle makes its special short sound just a little."    Short Vowel Rule

    • Vowels make a short sound when in the first position followed immediately by a consonant (examples: "apple" and "igloo")

    • The bossy or silent e makes the previous vowel say its own name.                        Long Vowel Rule (examples: "cake" and "cute")

    • "When two vowels go walking, usually the first one does the talking and says it own name." Long Vowel Rule (examples: "pain" and "boat")