•  Fitnessgram Fitness Test
    curl ups
    The Fitnessgram is a comlete battery of health-related fitness items that are scored using criterion-referenced standards. These standards are age and gender specific and are established based on how fit children need to be for good health. 
    All students, grades Kindergarten - 5, will be assessed twice per year and a report will be sent home in their report cards each time. The report will identify component scores along a bar graph which will extend from the Needs Improvement section into the Healthy Zone depending on the score. A score below the Healthy Zone indicates an area of concern and attention should be given to improving fitness in that area.
    Fitness Component
    Assessment Used


    Muscular EnduranceCurl Up Test
    Cardiovascular EnduranceOne Mile Run and Pacer Test
    FlexibilityBack Saver Sit And Reach Test

    Trunk Lift

    Muscular Strength

    Push Up Test
    Charts showing the Healthy Zone for each Fitness Component can be found by clicking on the Links below.
                           Healthy Zone for Girls                                 Healthy Zone for Boys