• Español 4




    This course is designed to further your learning and understanding of the Spanish language and of the different Hispanic groups.  We will be studying Hispanic culture and history as well as more advanced grammar concepts.  Our goal is to improve our written and oral communication skills in Spanish.



    The class will be taught almost entirely in Spanish and it is expected that students will participate as much as possible in the target language.  All work is to be done in Spanish unless otherwise told. 


    Materials:      A Spanish dictionary

                            A 3-ring binder (I give A LOT of handouts)

                            Paper, pens, pencils



                Tests   -                       35 %

                Quizzes  -                   20%

                Projects  -                   20 %

                Homework  -              15 %

                Participation  -           10%



    There will be a comprehensive test after every topic we cover that will include vocabulary, grammar, and any cultural information we have learned about.



    Quizzes will test you on small topics, such as vocabulary only, or a video you have watched.  They are generally short and no more than 40 points each.



    You will be assigned several projects throughout the year, some individual and others will a partner or small group.  Almost all projects are in Spanish. 



    Homework is given once or twice a week and should be done on time.  Unless you are absent, you will not be allowed to make up missed homework.  Ten assignments will be graded out of ten pts. for a total of 100 pts. for the marking period. 



    Because this is an upper level language class, it is expected that you speak in the language as much as possible.  I don not expect that anyone will be perfect Spanish speakers but it is important to both learning the language and to your grade that you try.  If you are not willing to try and use the language or participate daily in class, then this is NOT the class for you and you should not continue on in it.  Your participation will be graded based on daily preparedness for class (ex. having your homework, binder, paper), your use of Spanish in the classroom and one oral test (an interview) per marking period.



    Classroom Rules:             


    1.      Bring all necessary materials to class everyday unless otherwise indicated.


    2.      Keep an open mind when learning about new cultures and customs.


    3.      No food or beverages in class.


    4.      Lavatory passes are for emergencies only. 




    There will be no use of any computer translating programs.  If I suspect that you have used one, I will consult with Mrs. Morgan and you will be given the choice to redo the work with me 9th period or accept a zero.  A discipline referral will also be written. 


    Topics to be covered:


                Introduction to the Spanish-speaking worldGeography

                Hispanic art and artistsHistory, art appreciation

                The Individual and Personalities

                Movies and Music

                Food and Hispanic Cuisine

                Technology and Progress

                Social Problems      

                Leisure Time and Sports

                Puerto Rico



    Grammar to be addressed:

                Ser vs. Estar

                Preterite vs. Imperfect

                The Subjunctive

                Tú and Ud. Commands

                The Future

                The Use of Articles

                The Gerund vs. Infinitive

                The Perfect Tenses

                The Progressive Tenses