• Spanish 2

    Text:   Paso a Paso Textbook

    Class Materials:       

    1.      One 3-ring binder(preferably with pockets inside), divided into the following sectionsVocabulary, Listas, Grammar, Tests and Quizzes, Culture

    2.      PAPER!

    3.      Pens or pencils

    4.      Spanish/English dictionarystrongly recommended by not mandatory


    *It is important that you come to class EVERYDAY with these materials.  You will not be allowed to go to your locker to get them. 


    Grades:           Your quarterly average will be based on the following:

    1.      Tests                                  40%

    2.      Quizzes                              30%

    3.      Homework                         20%

    4.      Projects                             10%


    Homework:     Homework is assigned several times a week and is expected to be completed and handed in on time.  Homework is an integral part of any class and is designed to reinforce information learned in class that day or previously.


    Absences:       If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me to find out what work you missed. The makeup deadlines are as follows:


    Homeworkyou have 2 days from the day you return to complete and turn in a missed


    Tests & Quizzesyou have 1 week from the day you return to complete a missed test or quiz. 

    You MUST take your test/quiz during 9th period, not during a Study Hall or my free periods.


    Participation:  Because this is a language class, it is expected that you will try to speak the language.  Answering questions, asking to use the restroom in Spanish, saying please and thank you, saying Bless you in Spanish when someone sneezes are all good ways to show class participation.  You will be graded on your participation so dont be afraid to try.  Everyone makes mistakes because youre all still learningnobody is going to notice if you make a mistake.


    Classroom Behavior: Having a quiet and cooperative classroom is essential in learning any subject, especially language where you have to listen a lot to learn the language.  Disruptions, whether they be talking to another student or making noise with your pen, will not be tolerated.  You will receive one warning.  There will not be a secondyou will be removed from class for the period.


    Classroom Rules:     

    1.      Raise your hand if youd like to speak.  Dont shout out questions or answers.

    2.      There is no food or drinks allowed in class.

    3.      Lavatory passes are for emergencies only.  Please ask to go at the beginning or end of class.

    4.      DO NOT THROW ANYTHING in class.

    5.      Do not touch other people or their property.

    6.      Be ready to actively participate in class. 


    Plagiarism and Computer Use:        

                USE OF ANY COMPUTER (INTERNET) TRANSLATION WEBSITE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  COPYING ANOTHER STUDENTS WORK IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  These are both considered cheating.  If I suspect cheating by either means listed, I will consult with the principal and a course of punishment will be determined.  



    Spanish II Curriculum:


    Ch. 1-  School vocabulary, classes, materials, Present Tense, Comparatives and Superlatives


    Ch. 2-  Extracurricular Activities, Daily Routines, Reflexive Verbs, Antes de/Despues de


    Ch. 3-  Clothing descriptions and details, Demonstrative Adjs. and Pronouns, Preterite Tense


    Ch. 4-  Sports and Recreation, Irregular Preterite Verbs


    Ch. 5-  Childhood, descriptions, activities, The Imperfect Tense


    Ch. 6-  Family celebrations, traditions, family members, Special Occasions


    Ch. 7-  Luxuries and necessities, Possessive Adjectives


    Ch. 8-  Shopping, places around town, Drugstore items, Present Progressive Tense, Impersonal Se

                Negative words (nobody, never, etc.)


    Ch. 9-  Accidents and illnesses, the doctors office, the hospital, Ser vs. Estar

                Imperfect Progressive Tense


    Ch. 10-Movies and television, types of shows, likes and dislikes, plots, Preterite vs. Imperfect


    Ch. 11-The Future, professions, Future Tense


    Ch. 12-Travel, hotels, airlines, things to see and do, Positive and negative informal commands


    Ch. 13-Food, meals, more food vocab., Positive and negative formal commands


    Ch. 14-Camping, supplies, nature, local wildlife, The Present Subjunctive with Impersonal Expressions