Advanced Placement United States History

       The A.P.U.S.H. course offers the rigor of a college course, balanced with the safety net of a high school setting.  As a college style course it is designed to encourage a thoughtful analysis of U.S. history and not just a repetition of factual mastery.  The course will be challenging both in the level of the readings and the amount of the work load.  Students will not just be learning about U.S. history, but also about how to balance a rigorous course load with all the other activities that construct the life of a high school/college student.  Students will often choose not to challenge themselves with the A.P. because they argue that it will effect their social life.  they fail to appreciate that learning to balance academic, work, and social activities is a crucial element to a successful life.  
        A.P. Syllabus  To be used for vocabulary assignments and thematic review.