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    Did you know that there are many students in the Elementary School who have severe life-threatening food allergies? If these individuals are introduced to the allergen, the result could mean death. 
    In a school setting, the biggest risk is accidental exposure. We need to work together as a team to minimize these risks and provide the safest environment possible. If you are sending a snack into your child's classroom, please ask the teacher or call the Health Office (542-5056) to inquire if there are any students in his/her room that this pertains to. If you already know of a student in your child's room with a food allergy, we would ask that you send pre-packaged items in for snack. This allows us to see the specific ingredients used and minimize the risk of accidental exposure.

    Exposure is anytime that a student ingests or touches an allergen. In some cases, even the smell of the allergen can trigger a reaction. FOOD PREPARED IN CONTAINERS OR WITH UTENSILS THAT HAVE PREVIOUSLY BEEN USED WITH NUT PRODUCTS CAN CAUSE A REACTION. Peanut Oil can remain on a surface cleaned with soap and water for six months. With each allergic reaction that a child has, the severity of the reaction will increase. Therefore preventing the risk of exposure is imperative in the safety of these students.

    Individuals can be allergic to such food items as nuts and nut products, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, and shellfish to name a few. If you are helping out in your child's class, especially during snack time or a party, and are not sure if there are any students with food allergies, please ask the teacher or the nurse. Together we can work to eliminate unnecessary risks in the school environment. Thank you for your help and support in this very important matter.