1. Study and review material at night before you go to sleep. Shortly after you awaken in the morning review and reinforce the material.

    2. Ask questions.  Asking questions stimulates the thinking process.  Ask WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.  

    3. Exercise on a regular basis.  It increases blood flow to the brain and helps keep you mentally alert.  

    4. Use positive self-talk.  What you say to yourself affects your performance.

    5. Review and re-think as you read. At various points, test yourself to see if youre grasping the concepts. Summarize what youve read by rephrasing it in your own words.  

    6. Listen to Mozart.  Experts believe that the highly complex structure of Mozart's music stimulates the brain pathways that are important to thinking.  

    7. Get proper nutrition.  Vitamins and minerals play a key role in brain functioning.  

    8. Relax. Studies strongly suggest that relaxation helps in retaining and retrieving information that we want to remember. Check your posture and bring your shoulders back.  Take deep, relaxing breaths.  

    9. Skim first, then read for detail. Glance over headings and subheadings, foreward, bold type, illustrations, and graphs.  Read the opening and closing paragraphs and the first sentences of each paragraph. Then, read for detail and look for answers to questions that youve asked yourself.  

    10. Be aware.  Sharpen your sense of awareness by paying closer attention to daily things around you.  Look at things in more detail.