• Here is a list of some apps that are available for your iPods and iPhones that are both helpful and fun!
    Vocal:  Virtuoso piano
                Do- Re-Mi Ear Training
                Vocal Training
    Metronomes:   Metronome
                            Steinway Metronome
    Tuners:   Bandmate Chromatic Tuner  
                   Epic Chromatic Tuner
                   Pitch Me
    Music Display:  forScore
                            Steinway Etude
                            Garage Band
    Instruments: JoyTunes Recorder Master
                        Magic Piano
                        My Note Games
                        Music for Little Mozarts
                        A+ HandDrumKit 
                        iTabla Pro
                        Piano DX
    Feel free to email me (dkomosinski@akronk12.org) if you find other apps that we musicians would like!