The following websites can be used for additional practice and review.
    You can always stay 9th Period for help if you need more assistance! 



     General Review

    Brain Pop

    Navigate the site to watch videos, take quizzes, and learn about a variety of topics.  



    Math Practice

    Practice your multiplication facts.

    Greatest Common Factor 

    Work on finding the Greatest Common Factor.

    Least Common Multiple 

    Figure out the Least Common Multiple.


    Practice your division facts.

    Equations & Properties 

    Practice one and two-step equations and the distributive property.

    Math Baseball 

    Play math baseball and work on all four operations.


    Science Review

     Science Simulations 

    View and interact with different science experiments.

    Triple Beam Balance 

    Practice using the Triple Beam Balance.

    Lab Safety 

    Take a lab safety quiz!



    English Practice


    Practice your grammar and reading skills.

    Grammar Bytes 

    Use interactive examples to develop your grammar skills.

    Which Word?

    Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

    Rooting Out Words

    Select the correct root word from given examples and figure out its' meaning.



    Vocabulary Practice

    Try your best to select the correct definition for the word given.

    More Vocabulary Practice 

    Further your vocabulary and help others at the same time!!
    (For each answer you get correct, ten grains of rice are donated to the World Food Program to end world hunger!)



    Writing Practice 

    Better your writing by learning how to debate, write advertisements, letters and newspaper articles, just to name a few!

    Writing 101 

    Select the Writing Games tab and use different prompts and techniques to practice your skills!


    Perfect your Spelling 

    Enter in spelling or vocabulary words to practice.



    Social Studies Resources

     Current Events

    News articles of current events for kids.

    History of the World 

    Explore the world of the past!