• Weight Room
     weight room
    Please Click the Time to reserve your weight room session
     Monday  3:30-5:00
     Tuesday 3:30-5:00
    Wednesday 3:30-5:00
    Thursday 3:30-5:00
     Friday 3:30-5:00

    8 students will be allowed in the Cardio Room 
    8 students will be allowed in the Weight Room
    Per Session

    Cohort A can sign up for Mondays and Thursdays

    Cohort B can sign up for Tuesdays and Fridays
    Everyone can sign up for Wednesdays

    Weight Room Rules:
    1. Must wear a mask at all times
    2. Must wash down equipment after use
    3. Please come dress and ready, Locker rooms are not available
    4. Please bring your own water, water fountains are not available
    5. Must stay in the weight room