May 14, 2018

    Dear Students and Families,


    This Week…

    In ELA, we will continue our domain on Ancient Rome. We will learn about the Roman Republic. We will discuss the life of a child in Rome. We learn about Julius Caesar and the Circus Maximus. In math, we will continue module 7 on word problems and geometry. We will review that polygons are any three sided figures that are closed with straight side. We will learn a lot of new vocabulary words including quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, parallel lines, right angle, acute angle, and obtuse angle. Vocabulary cards to study will come home later in the week. We will work on mastering our division facts. A set of yellow division facts will come home this week. It is very important that students study their multiplication facts or division facts every night for 5 minutes. In science, the students will continue to learn about complete metamorphosis which includes the stages of egg, larva, pupa, and adult. We will observe our adult butterflies. We will release them on Wednesday. On Thursday, the kids will get a chance to listen to instruments being played by fifth graders so they can hear them before deciding if they are interested in taking up an instrument next year.. In social studies, the students will work on researching a country. The choices are Canada, France, or Mexico.  I’m sure it will be a fantastic week!


    Star of the Week

    May 14- May 18- Memphis


    Reminder of Specials

    A- Physical Education B- Art C- Music and Native Studies

    D- Physical Education E- Computer F- Library

    *Monday is C Day



    Information came home on pink paper regarding the timeline. A model of the timeline was shown in class. It is due on May 30, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


    White poster board was given to students who said that they would like some. Other students said that they were getting their own more colorful poster board. If you would like poster board, please jot us a note and we will send some home.


    Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

    Information on Hidden Valley Animal Adventure came home a few weeks ago on yellow paper. Included in the packet was a permission slip and a lunch form. Both of these items need to be returned by May 14, 2018. The cost for a student ticket is $14. It was due TODAY. If you forgot, please send it in tomorrow. The tickets must be prepaid. Hidden Valley is not open to the public that day so tickets can not be purchased on site that day. Therefore, the tickets are also non-refundable.


    Bisons Game

    We will be headed to the Kid’s Day game on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Information came home on a blue paper last Friday. The permission slip and money are due Friday, May 25, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


    Reading Challenge/Book It

    We will participate in the reading challenge and the Book It program this year.  At the beginning of the month, students received a reading calendar. Just jot us a note in the assignment notebook if you need another copy of the calendar.  Each student needs to read 25 out of the 31 days in May in order to meet the challenge and receive the Book It award.  The student needs to read 20 minutes on each of the days.  It can be comic books, cereal boxes, books, etc. It can be any kind of reading!


    If a student meets the challenge, he or she will also be invited to eat lunch in the classroom with everyone else who met the challenge. The calendar will be due on Friday,June 1st.



    An announcement was made at the beginning of May regarding READO.  All students are invited to participate in this optional activity sponsored by the reading department. Students who complete five reading activities in a row during the month of May receive one entry into a drawing.  Those who complete more, get more entries (up to 5). Game boards can be returned to the READO box in the office.  Prizes will be given at every grade level.


    Book Order

    The book order will be sent home when it arrives. If you are interested in ordering books, please send in the order form with a check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. If you are interested, you can also order online. The activation code for our class is H3HZQ. The last book order for the year will come home next week. Remember to keep reading.


    Read To Self

    At various times, we will be participating in Read To Self.  Each student has books in a bag in the classroom that are at an appropriate reading level for that student.  We are trying to build our stamina to be able to independently READ in the classroom. This week, we will discuss reading the pictures, reading the words, and retelling the story.  We will discuss and model what behaviors should and shouldn’t be expected during this time. Our goal is to be independently reading to ourselves for a sustained amount of time.  We know that the best way to become a better reader is TO READ EVERY DAY!  Please encourage reading at home as well. Many nights the homework for reading is to read 20 minutes.



    Students may bring in a healthy snack to eat at school.  Please send in fruit, veggies, cheese, etc. in a small bag or container if you would like to eat a snack.  We do not eat lunch until 12:00.  Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to bring in a snack every day.


    Box Tops

    If you have any products with Box Tops, please cut them out and put them into a baggie with the student’s name, teacher’s name, and grade.  The students can then turn them into us in the classroom or into the main office.



    You can always check the website to see a copy of the newsletter at www.akronschools.org under teacher web pages.


    Calendar Check and Reminders

    May 14- Permission slip, money and forms due for Hidden Valley

    May 15- Spring Concert and Art Show at night

    May 16- Concert for school at 9am

    May 17- Kids get to listen to instruments

    May 25- Bisons game permission slip and money due

    May 29- Field trip to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

    May 30- Timelines are due

    May 31- Field trip to Bisons Game

    May 31- All READO activities are due

    June 1- May reading calendar due

    June 6- Reading Carnival

    June 13- Outdoor Day

    June 15- 3rd grade picnic at Akron Falls Park

    June 20- Last day of school for students



    Ms. Lamont, Mrs. Penner, and Mrs. Lorwa


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