Each Monday we will be sending home a brief newsletter to keep you informed of what is happening in our classrooms for the week. Please be on the look out for it in your child's Take Home Folder.  We feel that communication between home and school is very important and we welcome you to contact us at school at any time with questions, comments or concerns.  We will keep in close contact with you as well, by note, email, the REMIND app, or telephone call whenever necessary.  Utilizing your child's assignment notebook as a means of communication will be beneficial. By using the REMIND app, you will also get reminders about the class and other useful information.  By working together, we will all have a great year!


    Team Teaching:  Your child (along with the rest of the class) will change classrooms for Social Studies (in Room E-109 w/ Mrs. Boeing) this year.  We will switch classes for approximately 30 minutes every other day of the week.   We will all work together to promote the success of each student!


    Grading:  Your childs grade in each subject area will be judged by participation, effort, completion of homework, class work, projects, growth in subject knowledge and test/quiz scores.


    Take Home Folder:  Your child will be bringing home his or her Take Home Folder nightly.  Each pocket is clearly labeled Return to School or Leave at Home.  Please encourage your child to share his or her Take Home Folder with you nightly. 


    Assignment Notebook:  Students will record all homework assignments.  The students are required to bring it HOME TO BE SIGNED EVERYDAY.  In the morning, we will check the notebook for the signature and the completed homework.


    Signed Assignments/Tests:  Periodically your child will write Get Test Signed in his or her assignment notebook.  Please sign and return any tests your child brings home and return them with him or her so that we know that you have seen them.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


    Book Covers:  We use many hard covered books in third grade.  In an effort to preserve books so they last many years we would like all hard covered books covered.  Paper bags make great covers!  They also allow the students to decorate and create their own covers.  Please have your child write the subject of the book on the cover and the spine.  Thanks!


    Volunteers:  Throughout the year we will be asking for volunteers to go on field trips or help in our classroom.  All volunteers must be Board approved.  If you are not yet Board approved and would like to be a volunteer, please obtain an application form in the main office.

            If you are already Board approved and feel that you may be available to volunteer in our classroom throughout the year, please let us know.  We will inform you of specific dates and times in upcoming newsletters or you can let us know what days and times work best for you. 


    Staying After School:  There may be times when your child may need to stay after school to work on incomplete homework or class work, or for extra help.  If staying after is necessary, he or she will be riding the 3:15pm bus home. Please feel free to call the office if your child doesnt arrive home on time.  


    Cursive Writing:  We will continue to work on cursive writing this year.  We will be using the Zaner-Bloser Alphabet.  With a lot of hard work, we will be able to meet our goal of writing in cursive in 2016!


    Birthdays: Your child should feel free to bring in a birthday treat if he or she would care to do so.  Children who have summer birthdays will be assigned a day in June to celebrate J.



    Book Orders:  Throughout the year we will send home two or three book order forms with your child.  This is meant to encourage your child's interest in reading and give flexibility in finding books of appropriate reading level and interest for your child.  Please return the order form and payment by the indicated date if you wish to order.    


    Other Important Information:

    * Please remind your child that sneakers need to be worn on the playground.  Thank you!


    * Third graders are required to change for Phys. Ed. so please send students to school with sneakers and a set of clothes.
    *Students are encouraged to bring a smock for art class.  Students can store them in their lockers.  Please put the child's name on the smock.
    * Students should have a healthy snack to eat in class every day.