starBehavior Planstar


    Behavior:  We will be using a daily behavior program this year.  It is a card system in which each child begins the day with a yellow index card in his or her pocket on our behavior board.  There are 4 different colored cards in our system.  They are as follows:


    Green Card

    ·        Congratulations!!!!

    ·        Excellent Behavior Today

    ·        No Reminders Needed

    ·        Earn star on Star Chart (Counts Toward Earning Friday Fun)


    Yellow Card

    ·        Good Behavior Today

    ·        Only 1 Reminder Needed

    ·        Earn star on Star Chart (Counts Toward Earning Friday Fun)

    Blue Card

    ·        Warning!!!

    ·        Behavior Needs Improvement

    ·        2 Reminders Needed

    ·        Lose star  on Star Chart


    Red Card

    ·        More than 2 Reminders Needed

    ·        Lose star  on Star Chart

    ·        Note or Phone Call Home




                    Depending upon behavior, the cards will be changed.  In the event that your child reaches a red card by the end of the day, we will either call or jot a note in your child's assignment notebook or send a separate note explaining his or her behavior and we ask that you speak to your child about appropriate behavior in school and return the note signed so that we know you've received it, or we will telephone you so we can discuss the situation and work together to set up a plan for behavior improvement. 

    Those students who keep a green card or yellow card will have a star placed on his/her star chart.  Students will earn free time based on the number of stars that they earned during the week.  Students with all 5 stars receive full free time on Friday.  Students with fewer stars lose free time according to the number of stars that they lost.