• AP Calculus
         Welcome to Advanced Placement Calculus!  Also Known as AP Calculus AB.  Below is general information you will need for the class.
    1)      Covered math book
    2)      Notebook with pockets
    3)      Graphing Calculator (Schools or your own) : TI-83 plus is best  (Requires 4 AAA batteries).  You may not use a TI-92.
    4)      Writing utensil
    Your grade will be an average from total points earned and total points possible.  Quizzes will usually be worth 50 points, tests 100 points, test corrections 10 points, and homework a total of 50 points.  Each missed assignment is two points off your homework grade.  In most quarters you will have around 400-500 points to possibly earn.
    Your notebooks should have a date and title for each entry along with notes from the day.  Handouts should also be kept in your notebook.  It is YOUR responsibility to get and copy notes from any days that you are absent.
    -         My discipline policy is the same as the schools.  Dont be tardy for class.  First tardy of each quarter is a warning.  Each one after that is a detention.
    -         If you are absent from class YOU are responsible to get the make up work, and to show me any assignments you owe to ensure that you get credit for them.
    -         Please be sure to do all the homework.  In higher mathematics you cannot afford to miss a day.  Missing a day of class could cause you to take several days to get caught up.