• Zero Product Property

    The zero product property is a method to solve equations that have squared
    variables in them.
     ex.   x2+6x+5=0  What we will do is break down the equation into simpler parts.  These parts are usually binomials.  Breaking down the equation is called factoring.
     (x+5)(x+1)=0 is the equation broken down.
    The zero product property says that if you multiply two terms together and get zero for an answer one or both of the terms has to be equal to zero.
    (x+5)=0 or (x+1)=0  Solve both smaller equations now. so x=-5 or -1
    We get two solutions for x.  To check, plug both answers (one at a time) in to the original equation.
    ex. x(x-7)=0  so x=0 or x-7=0   therefore   x=0 or 7
    Will the same be true if three terms are multiplied together?  Try it!!!
    (2x + 3)(x - 8)(3x - 9) = 0
     Plug in your three answers to check if they work.