Choosing the Best Method

        Remember that when choosing what method of factoring that you would use, pay attention to how many terms in the polynomial.
    1) Always try GCF first, especially with binomials.
    2) For trinomials (ax2+bx+c) use product-sum if the a value is 1, use factoring
           by pairs for any other number.
    3) Use factoring by pairs for polynomials with four terms.

    For the examples below match the equation with the best method to factor.
    1) x2+10x+9 
    2) 5x2+16x+3 
    3) x2+2x+xy+2y
    4) 6x2+9x 
    a) GCF
    b) Product-Sum
    c) Product-Sum than 
               Factoring by Pairs
    d) Factor by Pairs
    Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a