FAQs - Scheduling
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    Frequently asked Questions and Answers about the Course Selection Process

    Why start scheduling so early?

    · It takes time to schedule all students and build a master schedule.

    What courses are mandated?

    · At the time of graduation students need a minimum need 4 credits in English, 4 credits in Social Studies, 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, 2 credits in Phys. Ed,1 credit in Art/Music requirement,1 credit in computer/technology , 1 credit in a foreign language and .5 credit in Health. Students also need a minimum of 22 credits to graduate. Students and parents should consult the curriculum guide and school counselor for further details surrounding graduation requirements.

    What are the minimum credits needed?

    · 5.5 credits. Please note that for juniors or seniors to be eligible for Commons, one of the criteria is to have no more than 9 study halls in a 6 day cycle.

    What is the maximum load?

    · 8 credits

    How do I know what I should take? (I dont know what I want to do after HS.)

    · This is an opportunity for you to take a variety of electives to find out what interests you.

    How do I find out what a course is like?

    · Refer to the Course Catalog, speak to your counselor, talk to teachers and talk to students who have already taken the course.

    What do colleges look for when I apply for admission?

    · Colleges are looking for students who take a balance of courses that are rigorous.

    Who decides on which courses I can take?

    · Final placement of Honors, AP and X classes is determined by teacher, counselor and administrative approval. Prerequisites and graduation requirements also play a role on what courses you need to take.

    What are the advantages for taking challenging courses?

    · College preparation, improving skills, exploring strengths are all pros to taking challenging courses.

    If I change my mind after registration, what should I do?

    · Visit Student Support and fill out a course change request form. Your counselor then will review the request and make the appropriate changes.

    How will I know which courses have been approved for me?

    · A course verification sheet will be mailed home in April.

    Why would I not be given all the courses I requested?

    · Many courses are only offered one time or period and may conflict with another course requested. You may not have been given a course because you have not taken the required prerequisites or received the recommendation. If you have further questions please consult your counselor.

    Who should I contact if I have questions?

    · Make an appointment to see your school counselor.