• Moving INTO the District:
    If you are moving into the District you will need to contact the Central Registrar's Office at (716)542-5039 to make an appointment to register your student.  At the time of the appointment you must bring the following information:
             Academic records from previous school
             Birth Certificate
             Immunization Records
             Proof of Residency (ex. utility bill, rental agreement, driver's license, mortgage contract)
             Custody Papers (if applicable)
             Emergency Contact information
             Special Education information (if applicable) 
    Please click here for a checklist of necessary documents for registration.
    After registering, you will be directed to the Student Support Services office to schedule an appointment with a counselor to set up the student's class schedule.
    Moving WITHIN the District:
    If you are moving within the District, please contact the Central Registrar's Office at (716)542-5039 as soon as possible with your new address and phone number (if changed).  Our records can then be updated within the student management system so that any correspondence will not be delayed.
    Moving OUT of the District:
    If you are moving out of the District, please notify Student Support Services, as well as the Central Registrar, as soon as possible.  Please provide your new address and the name and address of the new school your student will be attending.  Reminder:  Your student will continue to be on Akron's enrollment list until there is notification from the new school that you have registered with them.