Learner's Permit Info 
    Akron Central School is registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as a test site for those who wish to obtain their Learner's Permit to drive an automobile.  Students are able to take the Learner's Permit Knowledge Test online at the Student Support Services Office.  The test is free of charge.
    Students may stop by the office & see Mrs. Jones to pick up a driver's manual and make an appointment to take the test.  On their appointed test day, students will need to provide identification (school ID card or birth certificate) to register.  They will receive their results immediately upon completion of the test.
    A receipt will be printed and given to the applicant, along with a "New Driver Ready Pack," which they may then take to the DMV office to receive their Learner's Permit.
    *NOTICE* ACS now offers the online knowledge test for motorcycle permits (for ACS students only) as well as automobiles.