• Support is available to our students & parents

         Sadly, we are often faced with tragedies or crises,  whether national, local, or personal, that directly or indirectly affect students, faculty, staff and their families.  As a District, we realize that everyone approaches and handles grief or crises in different ways.  While respecting those who wish to handle their feelings privately, we want to extend a helping hand to assist those who may want and/or need some support.  Please feel free to call any of the professionals listed below if you would like support for you and/or your child during any difficult time you may encounter.  

    Mrs. Susan Myers, HS Guidance Counselor:  542-5035 ext. 5223
    Mrs. Kathryn Welnowski, HS Guidance Counselor:  542-5035 ext. 5224 
    Mrs. Kimberly Bowen, HS Social Worker:  542-5070
    Mrs. Allyson Knapp, School Psychologist MS/HS:  542-5030 ext. 5159
    Ms. Heather Mann-Everett, MS Guidance Counselor:  542-5044
    Mrs. Tracy Martin, Elementary School Counselor: 542-5050 ext. 5119
    Mrs. Molly Bilinski, Elementary & MS Social Worker:  542-5072
    Mrs. Emily O'Connor, School Psychologist:  542-5050 ext. 5171