• Funbrain

    Virtual games for K-12 students.  These games cover many different subject areas including math and ELA.  There is also a teacher's side with a curriculum guide and printable flash cards.


    Educational games preschool through 6th grade.  There are online games as well as downloads and printable worksheets.  Some of the games may be on the fun side and others are educational.


    Educational games created by a teacher for a wide range of students.  The games cover several different subject areas and there are also printable worksheets.  There is a curriculum guide, but also advertising.

    Alfy interactive site for younger students

    Alfy is an interactive site for younger students.  It includes interactive games, lesson plans, thematic units, award maker, and a lesson builder  There is a pay side as well called Clever Island.  There are some annoying pop-ups, but it is a fun site.

    PBS TV Web site

    Games, music, stories, and coloring pages all based on the characters from the different PBS TV shows for kids.  Some of hte links will also give you mini video clips, recipes, and more about the different topics

    Games for math, science, technology and literacy.

    Games for math, science, technology and literacy.  The online activities are drill and practice, crosswords and more.