• Free Resources for Educators

    This is a listing of free resources for educators in all different subject areas.  These links will take you all over the Internet.

    How Stuff Works

    This site explains how something works.  Depending on the topic there may be animations, graphics and/or text.  Be careful, as some of the information may not be great for a classroom.

    Resource Site

    This is an online collection of resource sites including; almanacs, dictionaries, museums, educational information and much more.

    The Library of Congress

    The Library of Congress has information on many different topics.  They have documents, music and images taken from originals and reproduced digitally.  They have a teacher space as well as a space for students and families.


    A library of Web sites created by students and teachers for a competition on Think.  The sites range from many different topics.  There is a competition that groups can participate in to win prizes and a trip.


    This site has an online dictionary, thesaurus, almanac and encyclopedia.  The main page also has a today in history with facts about events or birthdays on this date in time.

    Mirriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus

    Marriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus online.  They have a word of the day and different word games.

    Encyclopedia Britannica Online

    Encyclopedia Britannica online.  They have the encyclopedia, and atlas, the year in review and timelines.  Some of the site is free while other aspects are part of the pay side.

    Site of Quotations

    This is a site of quotations.  There are motivational quotes, quotes of the day, searches by author and subject and a word of the day.