• Whitehouse Site

    This is a site for a children's view of the Whitehouse.  There are tours, games and quizzes, math challenges and news for kids.

    CIA World Fact Book

    The CIA researches and maintains a World Fact book of information on almost all the countries in the world.  This includes maps, flags, geography, people, economy, government, communication, transportation, military and transnational news.

    The History Channel

    This site has information about the History Channel, but also has free audio and video clips from different historical events.  There is also a classroom section with ideas and themes.

    Federal Reserve System

    The Federal Reserve System has a publications catalog with many free titles including some that are written in a comic book style for kids.  Many of these publications are free but some have a small price associated (11-50 cents each).

    Read Write Think

    Interactive Timeline maker.  This website will allow users to make a timeline and manipulate the data.  There is now a way to save online, but there is the ability to print out.


    Timeline tool for creating quick timelines about current events around one person's life.  Must have a birth and death date, and must be after 1000 AD.

    National Geographic Kids

    National Geographic Kids offers games, and news with a focus on nature, history/culture, science and the world we live in.

    US Census Bureau

    The US Census Bureau created a site for users to find information about a state. There is also a quiz about the information on each state.

    Colonial Williamsburg

    The Colonial Williamsburg website has sections of books, maps, interactive activities, and information about colonial life in America. There is also an email newsletter that teachers can sign up for with more information weekly and great web links.


    This site has movies, maps, documents, and music from early america. 


    Primary source documents, information on immigrants to the United States,multimedia information (films, games, music), teachers resources, and a reference section.  Information dating back to the fifteenth century.

    The History Channel Web site

    The History Channel's Web site offers many different items for teachers an students.  There are video clips, audio clips, this day in history feature, interactive maps, and the world timelines for specific decades, and a glossary/encyclopedia.


    This is an interactive site with news from around the world.  There is a game, virtual tour (with front pages from around the world), and more.  This could be used with foreign language teachers to show newspapers from different countries as well.


    This is a growing site with a virtual game based of the settling of Jamestown.  They have also created a virtual tour of the Oregon Trail with descriptions and photos.  There is also a start of a section on the Angelo-Apache conflicts.