• The following pictures show what happens if you do not clean your instrument regularly!  Please consult the written instructions provided by your teacher or the DVD contained in your lesson book to learn how to properly clean your instrument.  Music Stores offer an Ultrasonic cleaning of your instrument for best performance.
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    The cleaning process we use for musicalinstruments is not just a simple “dip” or “flush”.

    Although we often refer to this process as a“chem clean” it is really much more than that.

    We begin with a complete disassembly ofinstrument and first flush out heavy gunk and degrease the instrument. 

    The entire instrument is submersed indetergents specifically formulated for musical instruments.  Ultrasonic sound waves then thoroughly cleaninside and out.  

    The instrument is them removed from theultrasonic machine and rinsed. 

    The instrument is then drilled internallywith nylon brushes on an air drill with light grade pumice. 

    Outside of the slides are hand polished. 

    Instrument is then reassembled, valves aligned,valves & slides lubricated. 

    We replace all waterkey corks, & valvefelts. 

    Valve springs andwaterkey springs are replaced as needed. 


    YouTube videos of the ultrasonic portion of the process can be viewed at.