•                                     * Concert Etiquette


         In an attempt to help family and friends enjoy concerts, as well as making it easier for our featured performers to do their best on stage, the following suggestions are offered.


    PLEASE make an effort to be settled in your seats before the concert begins.  Make sure all rest room needs (especially for young children) are taken care of ahead of time.  Turn off all cell phones, beepers, watches and any other electronic devices.


    Talking during the performance is disrespectful to the performers as well as distracting to others in the audience.  In fact, any excessive movement or commotion can be a source of irritation to others who wish to listen and concentrate on the performance.


    Enthusiastic applause at the end of a complete musical selection is encouraged and appreciated; Whistling and shouting is not.  It is customary to applaud only at the end of the last movement of a multi-movement selection.  Please do not clap along with the music unless invited to do so by the conductor.


    It is expected that audience members will remain until the end of the performance.  Our young musicians enjoy performing for a large audience.  If you must leave in an emergency situation, please do so only at the end of a musical selection and not while students are performing.



    * taken from the Erie County Music Educators Association concert program