Home School/Home Instruction Information

  • The District’s responsibility is to assist parents that choose to home school their child to comply with the regulations established by the New York State Commissioner of Education.  These regulations were adopted to ensure that all children in the District receive instruction that is at least equivalent to that being offered to children of the same age and achievement level enrolled in the District’s program.

NY State Education Links

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    Below is a link to the NY State Education Department’s Regulations Section 100.10 which will guide parents in complying with the Commissioner’s Regulations regarding home instruction.  A link to a Home Instruction Q & A from NYSED is also listed. 

Home School Forms

  • Several forms are necessary and require completion.  Please submit all records, including Individual Home Instruction Plans (IHIP), quarterly reports, and an Annual Assessment for each child, to Akron Schools, District Office, 47 Bloomingdale Avenue, Akron, NY  14001.  After receipt, a review will be conducted to insure that they comply with the regulations.  If the review indicates noncompliance, the District will notify the parent specifically of what is necessary to bring them into compliance.



  • Assuming total responsibility for your child’s education is an important decision and one for which you will want to provide the best experience possible.  Our District staff is available to you. Please contact the High School Student Support Services Office and speak with Mrs. Jones at (716)542-5035, option 1, should you have questions regarding curriculum, testing or future plans.