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    GRADES 9-12


    Statement of Local Objectives

    *Educational success is predicated on the presence of students in the classroom.
    *The educational programs offered by the District require continuity of instruction and classroom participation.

    *Students need interaction with their peers in a well-planned classroom that offers instructional activity under the tutelage of a competent teacher.

    *Absence from a classroom has a highly adverse effect on students and the entire educational program.

    All students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis in accordance with the provisions of Education Law related to school attendance.

    Excused Absence This absence is due to personal illness, death or illness in the family, court appearance, religious observance, quarantine, attendance at a health clinic, administrative discretion or doctors appointments.

    Unexcused Absence
    The parent or guardian is aware of the reason for the students absence or tardiness. The reason for the absence or tardiness is not one of those listed as excused or truancy. Vacations taken by families at times other than the regularly scheduled recess breaks by the school district calendar are considered as illegal absences.

    The parent or guardian sends the student to school, attempts to get the student to school, expects the student to be in school, but the student misses all or part to the day.

    A student who reports to school after 8:06 is considered tardy and must report to the High School Office for a re-admit slip.

    Days of suspension shall be counted as absences in the application of this policy.

    from school due to participation in a school-sponsored activity (field trip, musical event, athletic trip, etc.) is not considered as an absence. Prior notice of the event will be sent home.
    The only exception to the above policy will be lateness with prior administrative approval. This will only be granted under unusual circumstances. Sickness is usually not a good excuse for being tardy to school.

    The parent or guardian must call the HS Attendance Line at 542- 5009 as early as possible the day of the absence. On the students return to school, the student must present a note indicating the date(s) and reason for his absence to the attendance clerk in the HS Main Office before the morning announcements. This note is to be signed by the parent/guardian. Simply stated, a phone call the morning of the absence and a note on the return are required.

    (Doctors appointment, funerals, etc.) the parent/guardian must call the HS Attendance Line at 542-5009 as early as possible on the day of the absence. The day before the absence, the student must present a note indicating the date(s) and reason for the absence, signed by the parent/guardian. Simply stated, a note the day before and a phone call the day of the absence are required. Students who are aware that they will be absent from a TEST must make arrangements with the respective teacher at least two (2) days in advance. Failure to do so could result in academic and/or disciplinary measures.

    A student who is absent from school must provide a valid written explanation, signed by a parent, to the attendance clerk when he/she returns. Students who do not have a valid written explanation will be sent a warning to bring the note in on the following day. Students who fail to bring a note will be assigned 4:30 detention. Students must have a readmission slip if the students name appears on the daily absence list but the student reports to class.

    A student who has been absent from school is required to make-up missed work in assigned classes. The responsibility lies with the student to contact the teacher and/or a fellow classmate to ascertain the assignments that have been missed. It is not the teachers responsibility to seek out the student. This is normally done during 9th period unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Failure to make-up missed work may result in the student receiving a grade of 0 for work not done.

    Students who are absent from school without a valid reason are guilty of misconduct, which may result in discipline of the student. Determination of the validity of excuses will be undertaken by appropriate District personnel. If discipline is to be imposed, such action will be taken in conformance with applicable provisions of Education Law.
    Generally speaking, students must be present at least 90% of the time in class to be eligible for credit in a course. Below you will find the course credit policy for students in grades 9-12:

    Enforcement Policy
    , (Grades 9-12):

    As a general rule, parents will be contacted by the High School Attendance Office as concerns arise.

    Course Credit Policy-Any student with more than 20 absences (excused or unexcused) in a full year course (10 for a semester course) may be denied credit for the course. This could include course failure, referral to a PINS Petition to County Court, or referral to Social Services/Child Protection. The student shall continue to attend the course unless suspended from such attendance in accordance with procedures under the Education Law. If a student is removed from the course and plans to retake the course in summer school, the course must be taken as a new course and not a review course.

    A student, who has exceeded the maximum number of absences and therefore is to repeat the grade or be denied course credit, may file for a review of his/her situation with the principal. In undertaking the review, the principal will consider the cause of the absences (e.g., chronic or acute illness, observance of religious holidays, etc.) and successful completion of missed class and homework assignments. Students should be prepared to present verification of the reasons for their absences as well as documentation from the teacher or teachers in question as to the make-up of missed work.

    Medical and dental appointments should not be made during the school day unless absolutely necessary. A note must be brought to the High School Office stating the doctor or dentists name and time of appointment prior to the appointment.

    At the discretion of school authorities, students may be required to present medical documentation verifying absence. Students are required to return to school immediately following a medical or dental appointment and go directly to the High School Office to sign-in.

    These special excuses for medical and dental appointments during school hours are privilege granted to you by the school authorities. It is not required by state law that you be excused during school hours. Students may be denied the privilege if they do not conform to the above regulations as set forth by school policy.

    Special passes are granted at the High School Principals office. If a student desires to leave the building for a drivers test, special church services, or any other similar reason, a written request from their parents must be presented before an excuse will be issued. The phrase personal reasons is not acceptable. Arrangements for a special excuse should be made in advance of the time requested to leave. The students name, and the time for the absence, will be recorded on the morning absence list. The student will sign out in the sign-out book in the secondary office at the time of leaving school, and sign in upon their return to school. The sign-in and sign-out book is not to be used to record tardiness to school. Students who sign in after school has started must provide a parental note explaining the reason for signing in. Students may not sign-out without proper authorization from the nurse or a principal.

    Punctuality and regular attendance are extremely important to good success in school. Attendance records become a part of the permanent record card for each student. Good attendance shows good health, dependability and responsibility. Tardiness to class is to be resolved by the classroom teacher in conference with the student.

    Students who are tardy for school in the morning are required to sign in the tardy book in the High School Office, giving the reason for tardiness, immediately upon entering the building. Tardiness to school may result in a restricted 9th period detention. (Restricted means must serve in In-School Detention Room) Students can appeal to the Assistant Principal on the day of the recorded tardiness. Tardiness is defined as entering school after 8:06 am. Parents will be notified for students who are chronically tardy. Parents and students should understand that chronic tardiness could result in more severe disciplinary action. In addition to 9th period detention, such action could involve 4:30 Detention, Full Day In-School Detention, and revocation of privileges.

    : The following will not be considered illegal lateness: dental or doctor appointments, religious observances, road tests, attendance at funeral services.

    Any student illegally absent from class, study hall, assembly, lunch period, or Administrative detention will be disciplined as follows: 1st offense student will be suspended, pending a parental conference or will be placed in In-School Detention; 2nd offense one of the following penalties will occur, depending on the circumstances: removal from the course concerned and assignment to a study hall with no privileges, or a 5-day suspension followed by a parental conference