The Akron Board of Education welcomes district residents, faculty members, students and any other interested persons to its meetings. Your presence indicates your concern for our schools and the children of this district.

    It is the goal of the Akron Board of Education for the school district and community to work together to provide a quality educational program for our students. Community involvement at Board meetings is encouraged so the Board can better understand and represent the views of its constituents.


    The Board is the official policy-making body of the school district. It consists of seven community residents elected by voters to serve three-year terms. Board members are not paid for their work. Anyone can run for a seat on the Board providing they file a petition with at least 25 names of qualified voters residing in the district. Elections are held in May of each year.

    Qualifications: must be able to read and write, must be a qualified voter of the district, must be a citizen of the United States, must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

    Policies set by the Board are carried out by the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Kevin Shanley. The superintendent is a professional educator hired by the Board of Education. He acts as an advisor, informing the Board of the needs, programs, and progress of the school district. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the district responsible for the execution of all School Board decisions regarding the operation of the district.


    The primary function of the Board is to provide students with a quality educational program consistent with the views of the Akron-Newstead community and the standards set by the NYS Board of Regents.


    Copies of the agenda for each meeting are available to community residents prior to the meetings at the district office and at the meeting itself. Agendas and supporting documents are mailed to Board Members on the Friday preceding the meeting to allow the members time to review and study the information. It may appear that some items being voted on are dealt with briefly, however, some of these topics may have been discussed at length at the workshop meetings.

    The order of business at regular meetings is as follows:

    ü Call to Order

    ü Pledge to the Flag

    ü Agenda Changes

    ü Hearing of Individuals and Delegations

    ü Superintendents Report

    ü Minutes of Meeting

    ü Personnel

    ü District

    ü Special Education

    ü Financial

    ü Hearing of Individuals and Delegations

    ü School Board Correspondence/Information

    ü Upcoming Dates

    ü Executive Session

    ü Adjournment


    An opportunity is provided at each regular Board meeting for residents to address the Board with questions, concerns, or suggestions. The Board welcomes community participation at the meeting. Anyone who wishes to speak to the Board may do so during the publics participation portion of the meeting using the comment cards. An individual or group may have an item placed on the Board agenda by contacting the Superintendent of Schools or the School Board President at least seven days prior to the Board meeting.

    We sincerely appreciate your interest in our school and hope to see you at future School Board Meetings.